I want to run my local channel, I have 1.7 GHz system having 256 RAM is it suitable ?
The above said configuration is suitable for our DCC 3.5 version which was released on 2003.
What is meant by Dual View is your software is compatible ?
Some of the Graphic Card makers has given one Extended Desktop Expansion facility, using such facility we have innovated Dual Viewconcept first time India in the said industry. This feature is adopted almost in all CTv softwares. This facility is such that you can manipulate the running channel through the same system and you can do any other work in the same system.
What is activation number ?
We have our own server setup through which our software can be activated, you  need not depend on our office staff for activation. The product activation number is 09980637016 and please send PRODUCT IDonly to the server.
I am confused which software is suitable for cable network. ?  (Mr. Bhattacharya, Orissa)
Usually our softwares are so designed some of the basic concept has to be considered at the time of channel launching such as local Viewer ship advertising revenue etc, Hence please contact to following numbers for detailed discussion +919448232022, +919945732146, +919448375470.
Is Your software supports 1024X768 resolution, is their difference observed compare to 800X600. (Mr. Amith Patil, Kolhapur)
Yes.Yes, our software meet both resolutions the difference is more pixels gives much quality rather than 800X600. But basically video encoding system will effect on output quality.
Your software fully customized and user friendly having almost all cable operator requirements having day to day Technical Updations, but is your software having CHROMA KEY in Live Section, if yes please send demo cd, if not your company is able to customize the above feature. (Mr. Gopal, Bangalore).
Thanks for valuable suggestions and hope on us we will send the Demo CD soon.
Is the registration is essential for downloading the demo CD's ?   (Mr. Subhojit, Kalkatta)
Without knowing nobody will take unknown persons in their houses! such as registeration is very much essential for Customer Interaction, for sending updates Company news and many more useful information. IT Upgradation is very much essential hence register withwww.dccsoft.in is essential.
What is the procedure for updation of your software. (Mr. Ashok, Varanasi)
Usually you can update our softwares  from downloading patch file from our website or we will send Email to your address as and when the software is copyrighted.
I satisfied with your DCC software, please inform me regarding payments and Legalization of the software (Mr. Shiva, Tirupathi).
Thanks for deciding to purchase our software, please contact on this number at any time for further instructions. Mobile: +919448232022, +919945732146, +919448375470.or send a mail to admin@dccsoft.in
How can be Dual Channel played through a single system? (Mr. Viraj, Patna, Bihar)
Please refer to ABOUT US section. at our website.
I have one Hardware Glossary Shop, is your company able to design a single software for the both business (Mr. Hiralal, Jabalpur)
It is possible please send your valid email Address, or send a mail to admin@dccsoft.in about details of  both business operations
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