Interactive TV is Already introduced in India and in abroad, but it is very costlier concept so to avail this feature the cable operator has to upgrade his present channel system to set top box system, but India like backward country it is not so easy to shift all small cable operators to the said facility intern a viewer also has to pay extra charges for to view his demanded movie or song hence it is expensive on the both part.

To overcome from these all drawbacks above stated Dharwad Coding Center has launched a Interact Software called DCC DUO PRO (COMBINATION OF DIAL & MOVIE SOFTWARE) which is less expensive on both part. Through this system a operator has to upgrade the local broadcasting channel using the PC with land or mobile connection. Our highly featured and bug free SECOND software. Will handle all customer request First in First display basis i.e. whenever a customer dialed to a particular number displayed on local channel a menu will appear on the screen if he follow the instructions he can get his desired song name or visual picture on screen itself if i.e. his choice he has to select that number automatically the selected file will be played immediately if there is no any request other wise requested time will be displayed on the screen.

Along with interactive the operator can manage his movie channel in this same software when ever movie is completed automatically Dial song will be switched on, hence he can give both services in a single system. It is best suitable for small cable operators.


The following minimum Computer configuration is required 

4. If the cable operator wants to start a new local channel then
  • Processor            : Intel core 2 duo .3.0 GHz or more
  • RAM                   : 1 GB or more
  • Hard Disk            : Minimum 250 GB for 6 months schedule.
  • TV Out Card        : PCI Express 512 MB or more models Geforce Nvidia FX7300GT/8400 GS/8600GT etc
  • Internal Modem    : D-Link Internal data/fax/voice Modem or NOKIA 3120.

Note: Please Contact our office at the time of new system purchase or send SMS as “sys” to 09980637016 for current computer configuration.


The following facilities available in DUO PRO Software

Main Features :

  • Main and sub folder system
  • General Songs and Special category songs.
  • Four types of visual content display.
  • Un selected songs delete option.
  • Coming up Songs displayed in video as well as text.

Other following features are available.

    • Online Editing :  through this feature the operator can easily and quickly control the running channel without interruption of running program. And he can operate the desktop freely for some other work.
    • Media Files supported by our software:  DVD, DIVX, MPEG-I, MPEG-2, WMV, ASF, AVI, MP4, MOV, WMA, MP3, 3GP, WAV, DVD 5.1 CHANNEL, SUPER VCD and SWF.
    • 6 Types of Emblem Options (LOGOS).
    • 7 Layers scrolling ads options no need of SCALA.
    • All formats can be scrolled in scroll ads.
    • Directly run the Media content from CD ROM in case of urgency.
    • Run Live programs or scroll ads on desired channel separately from a single system or in local channel (Condition Apply).
    • Run Local channel as FM Radio: A Feature is provided to run as FM radio with any audio formats.
    • For emergency scrolling a separate feature is provided.
    • You can schedule songs folder wise, day wise, time wise and program wise separately.
    • Can set names to be displayed during run time on video in their local language.
    • Titles can be displayed with or without transparent.
    • Tailor: 5 Types Tailors Options is provided (Auto or Manual)
    • RTP for schedule keeping.
    • AB for Ads controlling.
    • NA For program controlling.
    • SP for sponsor controlling.
    • Promo for Channel Movie, Scheduled songs separately..
    • SAC for Video controlling
    • OL for Mask controlling.
    • DSS for Sound Controlling.
    • Birthday feature.
    • T for Run ads transparently.
    • HDV and HDA output.
    • Operator can control Strip Ads Height and Width and position in desired way.
    • No Black Screen Observed while file switch over (Condition Apply).

Note : Condition Apply

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